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What Make Us Spcecial?

Based on its experience, PhD Travel Club offers you scientific tourism stays in high quality hotels.



With PhD Travel Club, discover an authentic way to travel in a group !

Our ambition: to meet the needs of researchers wishing to discover several facets of a destination while enjoying the benefits of an all-inclusive package (Transportation, accommodation, workshops, …). 

PhD Travel Club gathers the ideal conditions to offer you a dream vacation while accompanying you with workshops and communications of your research work.

Tourist sitting on Phu sub lek viewpoint at sunset, Lopburi, Tha

Quality & Conviviality

A dream vacation in luxurious hotels.

For PhD Travel Club, travel means discovering and immersing yourself in the local culture while being in comfortable conditions. For you, the club’s teams have travelled throughout Morocco and abroad in search of top-of-the-range hotels, from four to five stars, where well-being and absolute comfort reign.

We try to scrutinize all the traveler’s comments on the most famous review sites and have kept only the cream, the best rated hotels.

Why Choose PhD Travel Club ?

High-quality services, meeting and discovery, conviviality and authenticity...

Discover a new way of traveling focused on meeting new local and international researchers and discovering other cultures.

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